Circus Ronaldo - Swing

Nanosh Ronaldo belongs to the seventh generation of a special circus family. His SWING show signals a new chapter in a long history of putting on shows.

A fresh range of fun, all-round circus performers and musicians pull out all the stops in keeping with authentic swing music from the 'golden forties'.

Young performers of the future play with the sultry rhythms of the past in a pure experience of the here and now.

Do not expect any great drama, but do expect a swinging combination of circus and variety.

A dark melancholy of weather-beaten glitter, with an invigorating pace that will draw you in more than the hip electronic beats of the discotheque.

Nanosh Ronaldo's SWING is a return to the old circus and carnival-formula.

This show will not be presented at any of the famous festivals or in the large theatres. In common with how Nanosh Ronaldo's grandfather used to operate, the show will travel by caravan 25 km an hour from village to village as part of an exclusive tour.


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