Initiatie brushlettering - Vorming

Brush lettering is a modern and easily accessible form of calligraphy. Get to know the different materials and learn how to make thick and thin lines by exerting pressure on the flexible pen tip. This is when we start with the basic forms and make our first letters. We will offer you a few simple tips on how to create lovely colour transitions. Once you have completed this introductory session, you will be ready to continue experimenting at your own pace at home.

The workshop provides ample materials for testing and experimenting. A basic pack of materials is available to buy (€10), so you can continue practising the art of brush lettering at home. If you are left-handed, please let us know when you register so that we can provide suitable materials. Please bring the following items with you: pencil (HB), eraser, ball-point pen and paper for taking notes.


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